Every day, smart businesses make the smart choice.

Don’t Pay More Than You Should.

When your business is located in an energy deregulated state, You have a choice of energy supplier.

Deregulation has opened the electricity market to vigorous competition. Smart shopping can significantly lower your energy costs, while still providing safe, reliable service.

Choosing the right supplier however, can be a confusing and time consuming process. That’s where Switch Energy comes in. Our professional staff can analyze your needs and match you with the appropriate supplier for both cost and quality of service.

 Switch Energy will perform all services required to evaluate the energy supply opportunities and submit recommendations to the client. Regardless of which energy supplier the client chooses, Switch Energy services are paid by the client as part of the contract rate paid to the energy supplier. Switch Energy does not invoice client for its services.

Your energy delivery will always come through your familiar utility company, but you have options when it comes to the supply side. We work with a large number of energy suppliers nationally, and are able to compare their offerings and rates with your unique needs to find the most cost-effective solution for you.

On average, we help save companies 15%-28% or more on their energy supply rates. We'd welcome the chance to help you, too.

Kenneth E. Ryan,

Association of Energy Engineers Member